Well-Loved Hero Wednesday #1: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The point of Well-Loved Hero Wednesday is to not only showcase different varieties of characters that can be accomplished with the Pirates vs. Ninjas system, but also to celebrate fun characters that inspire many of the wacky antics of the system itself. As such, I felt it was only appropriate to celebrate the very first Well-Loved Hero Wednesday by giving examples of some of the characters from the Book/Movie/Video Game “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”, and if you have seen the movie yet, it comes highly recommended by the staff here and pvnrpg.com.

So… Without further ado…

Scott Pilgrim

Side: Ninja
Faction: Evadinja
Age: 23
Points: 120

Life: 100
Reaction: 7

Body 2
Agility 8
Precision 4
Will 6

Level 1:
Quickstep (Cost 1): Move 1 square for free when an attack misses you.
Winding Arc Punch (Cost 1): Do your agility score or 5 damage (whichever is higher).
What Goes Around… (Cost 1): Gain +1 to hit target that hit you this turn.

Level 2:
Agile Rejuvination (Passive): +2 Life when dodging an attack
Rubber Sole (Cost 1): Double jump distance
Ninjas Don’t Get Hit! (Cost 6): Gain +2 dodge for the turn.
Counter Blow (Cost 3): Counter an attack against yourself for 15 damage.
Read the Foe (Passive): Gain +2 against all rolls on a target if you can guess their next move, -1 to all rolls if not.

Level 3:
The High G (Cost 7): -2 to opposed will. All opponents takes 10 damage that damage reduction cannot reduce.
Second Wind (Passive): Gain back 20 life once a day.

Level 4:
Infinite Reflexes (Cost 4): +6 dodges until end of turn but cannot do any other action.
Storm of Counters (Cost 8): Counterattack all missed attacks at you for 10 damage for the turn.

Level 5:
Ebb and Flow (Cost 15): Deal double the damage back of an attack that misses you.
Pasison Rising (Passive): +20 Max Life
Raging Digit (Cost 40): 20 damage + 5*Will of Rock element.

Reckless (2)
Focused Attribute (2): Will, Charisma

Description: Scott Pilgrim, despite all his Shonen antics and super-powered punches is actually a well-versed Evadinja. In his fights, he uses clever counter attacks and his speed to take down his opponents. Of course, when that fails, he pulls out the trickery with his decently high Will score. While he has trouble making friends, he’s quite the accomplished trickster and manipulator. His low body reflects his general lack of ability to take a hit, but his will and second wind always let’s him get up.

Ramona Flowers

Side: Wanderer
Faction: Weapon Master
Age: 24
Points: 121

Life: 160
Reaction: 3

Body 7
Agility 3
Precision 3
Will 7

Level 1:
Steadfast and Never Moving (Passive): Does not show fear, even when the user feels it.

Level 2:
Cautious Turtle Stance (Cost 1): -5 damage but +2 to dodge for turn.
Graceful Strike Stance (Cost 1): -5 damage but +2 to hit for turn.

Level 3:
Fists Don’t Cut (Cost 3): +5 damage to a weapon attack.
Shockwave Slam (Passive): Knock target back your body score when you do over 1/4th their total life in a hit.
Shockwave Launcher (Passive): Knock target into the air a distance equal to your body score when you do over 1/4th their total life in a hit.
Ground Quake (Cost 8): Roll Body versus Agility to all within 4 squares. Success does 10 damage and knocks target down.
Weapon of Choice (Cost 3): +1 Dodge or +1 hit with favorite weapon on any attack or dodge.
Subspace Highway Traveler (Passive): Ramona has the ability to use the Subspace Highways to reduce travel times by a substantial amount.

Level 4:
Heart-Crushing Bludgeon (Cost 15): 20 damage and reduces targets Body by 1 if Body is higher.
Falling Sky Drop (Cost 15): 25 damage + 1 damage for each square of vertical movement (Capped 50 damage).

Level 5:
Drunken Master Form (Passive): +20 Life
Fight Like a Demon (Cost 5 Life per 5 damage): Sacrifice up to half your life on an attack to do that much extra damage.

Focused Attribute (4): Will, Friendliness

Hammer-space Bag (3): Contains abilities Never Unarmed (switch weapons as free action) and How Do You Carry All of Those? (+2 Body to carry extra weapons)

Description: Here’s Ramona complete with cold and yet somehow Charismatic attitude and massive hammer. I decided to focus on raw power for Ramona here. She can dish out punishment, but she can’t avoid it very well. She can switch to her defensive stance to help her odds though. Some may be asking why Ramona has such a high body. Quite simply, it’s because wielding a hammer that size requires a shocking amount of strength. It’s certainly not going to happen for Scott. Ramona’s not the best combatant for 120 points, but when she hits it’s going to spin the target for a loop and she just might be able to outlast some people.

That’s Well-loved Hero Wednesday for this week. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Do the builds suit the characters well? Is there a different way you’d build them? What characters would you LIKE to see built for Well-Loved Hero Wednesday? Does this format work for these posts? Really comment on just about anything. The more input we get, the better.

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