Supplement Sunday #3: Flawed

Everyone loves character flaws. They add depth and intrigue to a character while giving a little bit of experience back to the player. In a lot of systems, flaws are anything that a character has that are disadvantageous to them. In Pirates vs. Ninjas, the flaws actually have to give a mechanical penalty to count. An arch-nemesis or a personal secret or being a minor target hunted by an organization is something best left to roleplay (although, if said flaw gives you a -2 to hiding your identity because you’re a major target, that’s something different).

So, for today, I thought I’d introduce a few new flaws for all you players out there to work with. Of course, as always, GMs should approve flaws to make sure they’re applicable, see that they’ll work, and know how to torture their players.

Alternate Personality (10): Some people just have a disjointed identity. On the other hand, some people are actually possessed with a literal alternate personality like a demon or a sword that thinks its too smart. No matter how you got it, the character with this flaw has two distinct identities. Their character points are split between these personalities for the sake of learning moves. Each personality does not have access to the other personality’s moves. If a player wishes both personalities to have a certain move, they must learn it twice. Personality switches happen at the player’s will, but a player can only achieve one personality a combat round. This can often limit the character’s choices in combat. Attribute scores are shared between the personalities. If a player wishes to have more than one alternate personality, they can take this flaw multiple times at GM’s discretion. All uses of this flaw should be approved with a GM as a character that put all of their points into one personality will simply just use the personality with all the moves all the time.

Slow Reflexes (2): This character just has slow reflexes for some reason and can’t think to act fast enough. This character has a permenant -1 on their reaction rolls (minimum 1, cannot be take if natural reaction is already 1). This flaw can be taken once.

Old War Injury (2): You have an old injury that occasionally hurts your mobility. At the beginning of any combat round, roll an extra roll after determining your attack. On a natural roll of 2, you lose your move action for the turn and gain a -2 to dodge and hit.

Weak Frame (5): Some people just aren’t as healthy as others. Every time a character takes this flaw, they lose 10 of their maximum life score down to a possible minimum of 20 Max Life. However, when their body or will score is debuffed, this character does not lose maximum life until the total of their body + will score would be lower than their usual maximum.

Inherent Weakness (1-5): Your character, for some reason, is weak to a certain type of damage and takes 5 extra damage from damage of that type. The points given by this flaw are based on the rarity of the type of attack. This can represent someone that lives in a cold area and can’t take heat, someone who never learned to roll with punches, or someone who is supernaturally cursed. Rare elements like “math” or “love” should give 1 point. Common elements like “Ice” or “Electricity” should give 2 points. Incredibly Prevalent elements like “Fire” should give 3 points. Common attack types such as music, insults, or bludgeoning attacks should give 4 points. Incredibly prevalent descriptors such as weapon attack and unarmed attacks should give 5 points.

Low Resistance(2 points per DR): Some characters just can’t take as much of a hit as they should be able to. A character with this flaw has less natural DR then their body normally gives them. The character gets back 2 character points per natural DR they sacrifices (down to a minimum of 0).

Inefficient Attacker (2 or 4): You just don’t know your techniques well. All attack abilities cost you 1 more life to use. For a 4 point version, all abilities cost 1 more life to use.

Slow (1 per movement): Your character just can’t run very fast. This flaw makes your character have a lower move speed. You gain 1 character point per move speed you sacrifice. Your movement can be taken to a minimum of 2 squares.

Coward (2): Your character gets nerves in combat and has a hard time getting into the thick of things. This character is at a -2 to all rolls on their first round of combat in any combat they enter.

Weak Point (2): You have one point that if people hit it, it just hurts all the more. Whenever someone scores a critical hit against you, you take an extra 15 damage, regardless of the raw damage of the attack.

Weak Knees (2): You just have trouble staying up. Must be weak knees or your lack of mass. Whenever you take more than a third of your maximum life in 1 hit, you get knocked down and must spend a move action to stand back up.

Low Self-Esteem (1): You have problems with self-esteem and confidence. Whenever you fail a skill roll (such as singing, climbing, knowledge checks, etc), you gain a -1 to your next skill roll.

So there they are. Now. In recognition of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I’ve gotten Captain Pegnose to write up a Pirate translation of this post.

AHOY MATEYS! Ev’ryone be having problems. I meself be a suave womanizer and a chronic liar. In this here system though, that be giving me more ninja killing power. Maybe I should take me eyes out.

Anyway, here be more ways that you can be destroying your poor land-lubbin’ scallywags short-lived sea-faring life and be getting profit fer it.

Arrternate Persarrnality (10): The voice in ye head be tellin’ ye to kill, and ye listen. Ye be like twice the pirate with half the competence. Kinda like eight ninjas. Still, ye be gettin’ many points. So, split them between ye and ye head voices and get ninja killin’.

Slow on the Draw (2): Ye just be havin’ too much ta drink and don’t realize ye been in combat for three minutes now.

Old Warr Injarry (2): Maybe ye shouldn’t have taken up yer first mate on that bet that he could be dislocating yer shoulder with an oar. Still, ye won the case of ale.

Ninja Body (5): Ye be a pansy-arse ninja that can’t take a hit. Get off me ship ye pansie-waisted shadow-sneaker.

Blasted Ferrets (1-5): So, funny tale here. Captain Pegnose grew up on an island with rabid giant ferrets. Ferocious rodents of ill-dispositions, they be. Well, anyway, the doctarr be saying that Captain Pegnose be having some kind of “ray beams”. I keep trying to fire lasers out me eyes, but I just be finding that ferrets seem ta be hurtin’ me more than most. Worst suparr powarr evarr. Anyways, this be like that.

Can’t Take a Hit (2 points per DR): Ye know those guys that claim they can take a punch in the gut and then be going flying and fallin’ down. Well, ye be one of them.

Nothin’ Wrong With Ya. It be yer parents fault for raisin’ ye wrong. Shut up, ye landlubber. Don’t be judgin’, Captain Pegnose. Ye don’t know what he be seeing.(2 or 4): Hey. It not be me fault that Pirate classes be boring. I know the moves good enuff.

Stumpy Like (1 per movement): Ye be slower than 3 peg-legs in a molasses tar pit full of clingy wenches.

Ninja-footed (2): Ye be a blubbering goram pansie that can’t be takin’ the adventurin’ life, and ye cry like a little girl.

Ninja Parts (2): Kinda like the Captain’s most precious treasure, but not something that all men be havin’.

Ye Be Drunk, ain’tcha?(2): He not be hittin’ ye that hard. Get back on yer feet, and stop fallin’ down.

Useless Low Life(1): Get over yeself. Ye be useless, but at least that means no one be expectin’ even the basics out of ya.

There they be. Enough flaws ta make ye walk the metforical plank (or raise ye Misen Mast if ye be into that). Have fun, ye scallywags, and Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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