Freeform Friday #4: 10 Completely Random Character Concepts

I’m suffering from writer’s block today. So, I thought I’d just write about something I enjoy; making characters. Not necessarily the character creation process itself, but creating the concepts for characters. Even when I go stereotypical with my characters, I always love to put some twist on it. So, for today, I’m just going to list a few random ideas for characters in Pirates vs. Ninjas that someone could go out and try to make if they wanted. Something just for fun.

1. The Mahjong Master
The idea behind this build is a Gambler/Weapon Master. In all honesty, this is a fairly easy build. The Weapon Master’s conditional combat mixes well with the odds and gambles of the gambler class. The twist here, however, is that this character makes a Mahjong reference in every attack. For those that don’t know, Mahjong has a lot of weird names and phrases that can be adapted into every day speech as a joke. Thirteen Orphans and Big Winds both sound like great attack names. Even without these, you can make some horrible puns with the terminology. Ron, Pon, and Chi are decently easy to use in a sentence as a joke. As in, “Pardon my pon, but you should ron from him. He’s a chi master.” It may be cheesy, but I think it would be a fun character concept. And yes, I know Litchi from Blazblue and a few other people beat me to it. I still want to see it in Pirates vs. Ninjas.

2. Skateboard Ninja
Equinja can use non-living vehicles for their abilities. This includes, but isn’t limited to carts, cars, ships, and even personalized transport like skateboards. I personally find the idea of a Skateboarding Equinja with as many move-based abilities thrown in to be kind of too 90’s retro and hilarious to pass up. On top of that, if you throw in some Gunnar skills, you can get something so ridiculous that it goes from being tired to being potentially awesome again. So yeah. Gangster Skateboard Equinja. Make it happen.

3. Craftsmen Weapon Master (Or is it Weaponsmen Craft Master?)
This one is actually a fairly obvious idea, and it’s a bit cliché, but I’d love to see a Weapon Master that Crafts his own weapons and is awesome at it. Something like the samurai that makes their own swords. It’s a fairly powerful combination too. With the usage of Made for Me, a Weapon Master can become hyper accurate or hyper dodgey with their weapon of choice. Of course, it wouldn’t be worth putting up here if I couldn’t put a twist on it. So, here’s a fun idea. Use Improvised Weapon Master from Arrcrobat and flip the idea on its head. Treat mundane objects as weapon and make the Craftsmen a master weapon master as beating people with something like cooking utensils or building materials. Roofing tiles make awesome shurikens.

4. Stuck in an Opera
This one’s a bit weird, but build a Wandering Minstrel with actual ability with a sword and a sense of drama. Have a demon curse said character to sing everything they say operatically. Suddenly, you have a worthy combat character who’s permanently stuck in an opera. Sure, musical combat tactics aren’t TOO uncommon in Pirates vs. Ninjas (the musical fighters are a vast minority, but people know of them), but someone who can’t stop is sure to turn some heads. Still, built correctly, they could be a shockingly effective character that throws opponents off guard.

5. The Inverse Feykinja
Feykinja are masters at making the unreal seem real. The Inverse Fekinja is a character who is good at lying and has convinced others that he is a master Feykinja even though he’s not. Instead, the inverse Feykinja spends time convincing others that real things are illusions to cover his team’s tracks. Worse comes to worst, he can claim it as a Feykinja trick he did. It’d be hard to pull off, and you’d be looking at a character who specializes almost entirely in espionage and not combat, but the results could be really interesting.

6. Urbane Drunkarrd
Drunkarrds are known for being large, brash, and uncultured. Perfect for pirate society, but they don’t fit in well in Wanderer society. The concept on this character is a Drunkarrd that doesn’t like using their Drunkarrd powers, has a high precision, and is a patron of the arts. Give them a gentlemenly air, have them be mostly a pacifist, and then, when all the chips are down, he hulks out and starts beating people down with trees. It’s a fairly common trope (the gentle giant), but it still could be fun if played over the top.

7. The Mathemagician
Take a lucky, give them a 10 precision, give them training in most knowledge skills, and set them loose. What do you get? A man that can calculate the exact angle to strike that tree so that it mows down your team. Suddenly, one in a million, becomes just as calculated. Give him some Alchemist and AoE abilities to boot and go to town as your character calculates the improbable and impossible with relative easy. It’s not easy killing someone with numbers, but it’s all in the Mathemagician’s realm of possibility.

8. The One Man Dance Troop
What do you take when you combine the Shoninja’s Me and My Shadow and Charreographer skills? You get a character that can form his own part of Charreographers. Splitting your life can be nasty, but the idea of a man tangoing with himself to kill his opponent’s is just too awesome to resist. Besides, with a high enough Life score, you may barely notice the difference. Of course, since you need to be a ninja to get Me and My Shadow, and most of your skills would be pirate skills, this may be a very high point cost concept, but it’s pretty cool, nonetheless. You could always switch it for Wandering Minstrels and make a clone Barbershop Quartet.

9. The Low Agility Evadinja
Evadinja are all about Agility, but what if we use Lord of Parries or Looking for Me and give them a high precision or will instead? You get something not unlike a bad ass that just walks up to his or her opponents, catches their fist or weapon in their hand and then gives them a swift kick. Sure. This isn’t as silly as some of the other ideas on this list, but it’s a pretty solid concept that could be fun to play. True. You could do this with a Hitinja, but the idea of a super smart/super willful character using Ebb and Flow to annihilate a Drunkarrd is pretty cool to imagine.

10. The Super Archer
Sure. You’ve probably noticed that with Zen Archer and Gunnar/thrown skills, someone can shoot so many arrows they block out the sun, but how many people have honestly considered throwing extendo arms or a projectile shot item in the mix for TRUE mayhem. That’s right. You can create a character that fires powerful melee attack out of a bow with specialized arrows and life force fueled arrow attacks for crazy results. Throw in elemental salve or elemental fury for really ridiculous results. You’ll be like the Green Arrow (only you’ll actually be cool). You can even make it an arm-mounted crossbow and replace your right hand with a repeating crossbow. That’ll impress some pirates at the bar.

So. There they are. Some silly and ridiculous build ideas to get you thinking. You don’t have to do that Pirates vs. Ninjas either (although, it’s probably the easiest system to do it in). If any of you decide to try one of these ideas out, shoot me an e-mail at: or leave a comment and tell me how it went.

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