The following is a list of other projects by Dairun Cates and links that fans of the Pirates vs. Ninjas RPG might find interesting. Updated as I remember things to post.

Dairun’s Projects:
How to Play Brawl Like a Man is a project that Dairun Cates started in mid-2008. It’s a half machinima/half parody/half how-to (three-halves?) series about playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl and any other video game LIKE A MAN. A fun message about not taking games too seriously while trying new things. Also, it contains an evil genocidal Peach.

The “How to Play Brawl Like a Man” Tropes Page was made by a fan after thinking the series was canceled in an April Fools joke.

The Original Pirates vs. Ninjas Thread is the original location of all things Pirates vs. Ninjas. Still updated frequently and a great place to find out about the system’s early inspirations.

Esoclectic is an early experiment in making a forum based tabletop RPG. Way too complicated and weird, but had some interesting ideas. Don’t miss the Amnesiac and Bum character classes.

Links of Interest:
Risus: The Anything RPG is just about the best universal free RPG in the world. Fast, simple, fun, and can handle anything. Dairun Cates is actually member 200 of the International Order of the Risus. Be sure to also check out out S. John Ross’ other writings including…

The Big List of RPG Plots. Just about any basic plot you can think of is here. An absolute MUST for any GM.

D20 Rebirth is a re-imagining of D&D 3.5 edition. An excellent alternative to Pathfinder. The following is the Giantitp thread (at the time of posting this link, the wiki was down). is one of the biggest online communities for tabletop RPGs. Lots of great threads and reviews of obscure RPGs and not so obscure RPGs. A must visit for any tabletop roleplaying fan.

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