For New Readers: It’s probably best to read through a little bit of the wiki before starting on the articles on this site. Some of them directly reference the gaming system and will ultimately be easier to understand with that knowledge first.

Welcome to the official site for Pirates vs. Ninjas: The Roleplaying Game. For those of you that don’t know, Pirates vs. Ninjas is a complete d6 based tabletop RPG that started as a graduate project and a wee little thread on Giantitp here. The design’s a little spartan for now, but I assure you that I will be working on getting something up in the next few weeks.

What can you expect on this brave new website? Well…
1. New information on the nuances of the Pirates vs. Ninjas universe.
2. A Wiki that contains the complete rules and abilities needed to play a game of Pirates vs. Ninjas.
3. Articles on how to get more enjoyment out of Pirates vs. Ninjas.
4. Questions and Answers to all your queries about the Pirates vs. Ninjas system and universe you were afraid to ask.
5. Many More things.

For now, the plan is to get the wiki in order and get the graphics for the website updated. In the meantime, I will be posting articles at least every other day. Here’s the content you can expect on each day:
I’m thinking at least one major post every other day following this hilariously named chart of days:
Mythology Monday- Backstory and Setting Information for PvN
Talk Back Tuesday- A Question and Answer Session with the one and only Captain Pegnose
Well-loved Hero Wednesday- Builds for famous characters not in the Pirates vs. Ninja Universe
Theory Thursday- Talking about GM, game, and various design theory.
Freeform Friday- Could be anything
Super Build Saturday- Advice on building fun characters in the system
Supplement Sunday- New abilities or mechanics for use in your campaign

Anyway. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here and tell all your friends about us.
Also, you can follow Captain Pegnose on Twitter.

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