Supplement Sunday #2: The Equinja

Well, The post is effectively 3 days late, but for good reason. It’s new faction time. The Equinja have been a work in progress since the website started, and I decided to use Supplement Sunday as an excuse to finish them. Obviously, I can’t just list every single ability and the faction history here. Instead, you can find that on the wiki under the Equinja entry.

However, I am going to take some time to point out the finer points of the faction and how they play in game to give you an idea what you’re in for before you read everything on them. I’ll catch up on the missing blog entries over the next couple of days. We’ll make a theme week out of it. Not like Captain Pegnose gets any questions anyway.

I frequently explain that each faction has effectively has two major party roles as their themes in Pirates vs. Ninjas. For instance, Dr. Inja are healers/debuffers, Gunnars are precision hitters/AOE attackers, and Wandering Minstrels are party buffers/DR-ignoring damage dealers. The same is still fairly true of Equinja’s. Although, their roles are a bit more specific.

To be more precise, the Equinja main roles are mobility control (for self, party, and opponents) and situational combat. This leads to a very unique play style that makes Equinja one of the most likely ninja factions to dip into the abilities of other factions.

For instance, Equinja have an ability that allows them to give their movement buffs to their rides, but only have a handful of movement buffs. Instead, the Equinja can pick up abilities like Up the Walls, Water Walking, and Blossom Elevator to help them make their rides more maneuverable. Furthermore, the sub-ability on Be The Ride to decrease life cost on movement abilities makes dipping into other factions movement abilities all the more tempting. Combining a large number of movement abilities together allows the Equinja to achieve movement feats that no other faction previously could. In short, if there’s a place that an Equinja can’t get into, it just might not be possible to get into in the first place.

It gets better though. With just one Level 3 ability called “Together We Ride”, the Equinja can bring multiple characters on his ride and give his advanced mobility to other characters. This can lead to some new and exciting stunt possibilities for more awesome points for awesome abilities. This is also a good thing for the Equinja as they have a lot of abilities that use awesome points. They even give the Luckies a run for their money.

As I mentioned, Equinja have a lot of situational combat skills. Specifically, they have a lot of skills that do more damage than the life cost and ability level would normally dictate but have specific conditions to fulfill like moving in a straight line or jumping off a ramp. They also have a Level 5 attack called Mach Speed Tornado that is the only variable AOE move in the game at the time of writing this. Instead of having a set size, Mach Speed Tornado’s size is based on the Equinja’s move speed (which, with how high their move speed can get, can be a VERY big Tornado).

Equinja do suffer a bit in the attribute department. They use a lot of attributes and can’t afford to dump as many as other factions. A high body or agility is required for good movement and riding larger mounts while most of their attacks use precision to hit. Will is actually the only skill not actively used in an ability, but seeing as Will-based combat is about the only way to hit the Equinja if they’re playing hit and run, a good Equinja will want a decent Will score as well to help protect against this potential threat.

Ultimately, this means that the Equinja form a fairly unique play style that may be more fun at higher points, but makes for a decent dip for lower point characters.

Now, if all goes well and I can convince Captain Pegnose to actually submit another article, you should be getting 2-3 posts tomorrow with an Equinja theme to compensate for my lateness. It should be fun.

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