Supplement Sunday #1: Life Gainers

As many people know, agile rejuvenation is a great way to take an agility-based character and make them last longer in the middle of a harsh battle. Abilities like Lightspeed Metabolism and There is an I in Captain allow a character to keep a fairly steady Life gain going. While the life gain from each isn’t amazingly high, they can add up in the long run. However, it doesn’t do enough. Life gain seems to heavily favor ninjas and practically does not exist for Wanderers. On top of that, the life gain is not enough to help again more damage intensive builds. So, this week, we’re introducing a few new life gaining moves.

Dead-Eye Ace
Pirate 2 (Gunnar)
Cost: Passive
The Gunnar is a master of precision accuracy and gains newfound inner energy from each successfully placed shot. Whenever the Gunnar with this ability successfully hits with an ability, he or she gains 1 life back. This does not apply to the multiple hits of multi-hit moves like triple tap and justice barrage, but if the Gunnar is able to use multiple attack abilities in a round (through extra action abilities or special abilities like Dance of the Twin Blades that activate multiple times a round), he or she gains 1 life from each hit.

Back-up Singer
Wanderer 2 (Wandering Minstrel)
Cost: Passive
Some Wandering Minstrels shine best in the back where they can support others. The spirit of helping their friends rejuvenates their spirit. Any time the Wandering Minstrel using an ability to buff or heal one or more allies (in a way that does not harm the opponent), the Wandering Minstrel gains back 2 Life. The Wandering Minstrel can only gain back 2 life for each ability a turn.

Vacant Stare
Wanderer 2 (Lucky)
Cost: Passive
Some things are just so cool that you just have to take it all in. When this occurs, you have no choice but to sit there and look dumb-founded. Of course, this makes for a good breather. When a Lucky with this ability declares that he is taking a turn off to watch the fun (no moving or attacking), the Lucky gains back 10 life at the beginning of the turn. During this time, the Lucky can still dodge, but they can do nothing in retaliation. The Lucky must actively be involved in a combat to use this ability. Gawking at a combat the lucky is not involved in or outside of combat does not count.

Desperate Trade-off
Wanderer 5 (Alchemist)
Cost: 1 Awesome Point
The clever Alchemist knows that he or she must stay alive at all costs, even if the solution comes at a great cost. When an Alchemist spends an attack action to brew this potion, the Alchemist creates a chemical reaction that taps into the body’s hidden energy reserve for one last desperate burst. Whoever drinks this potion can gain back as much life as they want up to their maximum life total (cumulative over multiple uses. So, no just gaining back 100 life each time). However, after the character is knocked unconscious or allowed to catch their breath long enough to heal, their maximum life total goes down by the amount of life gained for the rest of the day. If this somehow drops their maximum life down to 0 or below, the drinker remains unconscious and cannot be woken without proper rest.

Cheesy Monologue
Ninja 2 (Shoninja)
Cost: Passive
Shoninja love dramatic posing and over the top speeches. It fills their heart to the brim with fighting spirit. Any turn where the Shoninja is able to belt out at least one groan-worthy one-liner, the Shoninja gains back 2 life for their efforts. Of course, this can’t be done well in stealth and can also have other side-effects such as drawing attention to the Shoninja.

Well, there you go. 5 new ways to gain back more life than ever through accuracy, teamwork, resting, desperation, and cheesy monologues. Hopefully that’ll help your 60 hp Gunnar/Evadinja stay alive just a little longer.

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